Sports Education Programme


The Sports Education Programme (SEP) is a collaborative partnership between Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). Schools eligible for SEP are Primary, Secondary, JCs, Centralised Institution and Special Education Schools. Each school is provided with a $10,000 dollar-to-dollar matching grant for them to take up our sports programmes.

Our Sports programmes are assessed by a panel comprising representatives from the SSC, MOE, schools, sports educators and practitioners to qualify for endorsement under the SEP. Our Sports programmes cater for development of skills and sports knowledge of students and help promote active participation of sports in schools. Most importantly, our programmes promote team spirit and character building, and arouse interest in continual sports participation amongst students. Our various endorsed Sports Education Programmes are as listed below.


  No of Lessons Tchoukball Handball Badminton
Sports Exposure 1 x 2hrs Tchoukball Carnival 1 Handball Carnival 1 Badminton Carnival 1
1 x 3hrs Tchoukball Carnival 2 Handball Carnival 2 Badminton Carnival 2
1 x 4hrs Tchoukball Carnival 3 Handball Carnival 3 Badminton Carnival 3
Sports Play 8 x 0.5hr Tchoukball Fun 1 Handball Fun 1 Badminton Fun 1
4 x 1hr Tchoukball Fun 2 Handball Fun 2 Badminton Fun 2
2 x 2hr N.A N.A Badminton Fun 3
6 x 1hr Tchoukball Basic 1 Handball Basic 1 N.A
4 x 1.5hr Tchoukball Basic 2 Handball Basic 2 N.A
8 x 1hr Tchoukball Power 1 Handball Power 1 Badminton Power 1
4 x 2hr Tchoukball Power 2 Handball Power 2 Badminton Power 2
6 x 1.5hr Tchoukball Power 3 Handball Power 3 Badminton Power 3
8 x 1.5hr Tchoukball Master 1 Handball Master 1 N.A
6 x 2hr Tchoukball Master 2 Handball Master 2 N.A
Sports Development 16 x 1hr Tchoukball Supreme 1 Handball Supreme 1 Badminton Supreme 1
8 x 2h Tchoukball Supreme 2 Handball Supreme 2 Badminton Supreme 2